Owner & Creative Director Art Model

Owner & Creative Director
Art Model

Laurie Tamietti

Laurie earned a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior from the University of California Davis. It was there that she shared her love of dancing as president of the Salsa Club, and pursued a career in veterinary medicine.

After switching gears on her career and life goals, curiosity brought Laurie to the Arcata Life Drawing Circle for her first figure drawing experience. The subtleties of communication between artist and model were akin to her experience of connection in partner dancing. Compelled to take the stand herself, Laurie approached figure modeling as a collaborative experience, where she believes art is not only an expression of the artist but of the model as well. Laurie has modeled extensively within the fine art community of Humboldt County and continues to focus on pursuits that merge her personal and professional life.

Laurie took ownership of Evolution Academy for the Arts in October 2016 where she had been serving as the Event & Media Director for the last year.


Founder & Master Drawing Instructor Evolution Academy for the Arts

Founder & Master Drawing Instructor
Evolution Academy for the Arts

Drawing has always been Brent Noel Eviston’s passion as well as his primary medium of expression.  After studying at Otis College of Art and Design he has continued to study many forms of drawing including traditional master draftsmanship, architectural drafting and illustration, master figure drawing, and anatomical drawing. His current work, while rooted in traditional drawing techniques, has expanded to include sculpture, animation, printmaking and music composition.

In December 2012 he gave a talk at TEDx Eureka arguing that observational drawing is as essential a skill as literacy and numeracy. In August of 2015 he was the keynote speaker at the North Coast Arts Integration Project as well as a presenting artist.

Eviston has taught traditional and contemporary drawing through arts institutions and organizations throughout California.


Watercolor Artist Beginning & Intermediate Watercolor Instructor

Watercolor Artist
Beginning & Intermediate Watercolor Instructor

Art and music have been part and parcel of Susan's life for as long as she can remember.  Hailing from San Francisco, California, where museums and art galleries abound, gave her plenty of artistic nourishment while growing up in the City by the Bay. It was there that she met and married her husband of 50 years and together they raised four children. 

During that time, Sue kept learning new art skills, finally settling on watercolor painting in 2008 and not looking back. In 2003, she and Jim retired to Humboldt County where many opportunities to indulge her new passion were to be had. Primarily self taught, Sue's efforts have earned her 1st Place in Creative Calalyst's Summer Art Fest, 2013, the Silver Award in California Watercolor Association's National Exhibition, 2014, the Richard Barrett Memorial Award in CWA's National Exhibition, 2015 and she was awarded signature membership in the California Watercolor Association in 2016. 

She is also a member of the National Watercolor Society and of the cooperative, Old Town Art Gallery, Eureka.


From an early age art has always been an outlet for Jose. Beginning with drawing cartoon characters he enjoyed watching as a child and later learning the fundamentals of representational drawing/painting in college. His passion for visual communication and representing the three dimensional world on a two dimensional surface has always been and continues to be a lifelong learning experience.

He was the recipient of the 2003 Emerging Young Artist Award scholarship. An award which helped fund his artistic endeavor at California College of the Arts.

After his traditional studies he began to seek out new methods and concepts within the practices of image making, which has led him to work as a graphic designer within the government sector.

On his free time Jose draws and paints from live models and goes on plein air outings to continue his passion for advancing his artistic goals.

Artist Basic Drawing Instructor

Basic Drawing Instructor


Pastelist Pastel for Beginners Pastel Cooking 101 Workshop

Pastel for Beginners
Pastel Cooking 101 Workshop

Steven found his passion for art later in life. After an early retirement as a commissioned officer with NOAA and a career making nautical charts, he discovered a love for painting and drawing.  

Of all the painting mediums Steven was especially attracted to working with dry pastels. He loves the intimacy of pastels and how the manipulation of pastels allowed him the freedom of expression that other mediums didn’t satisfy.  Drawing his inspiration from the local area, Steven also uses commonly found objects that seem to have a story to tell. He is also inspired by French Impressionists, contemporaries active in the medium, and the likes of Degas and Casatt. He enjoys landscapes, still life, and portraiture painting and displays his work locally at Old Town Art Gallery and at Redwood Art Association where he also serves as a board member.  

Steven is a member of the Eureka Chapter of the Rhododendron Society, a member of the Redwood Photography Club, Vice President of the local Bonsai Club, and member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast.


Oil & Casein Painter Casein Painting Workshop Instructor

Oil & Casein Painter
Casein Painting Workshop Instructor

If there is one thing that Andrew Daniel is passionate about, it is learning, exploring and discussing all things painting. Since his first Painting Course at Univ. of Maine Portland in ’92 until now, he has rigorously examined his path in painting, setting new goals and evolving through many different stylistic approaches, searching for the form of expression that was authentic to himself.

Andrew eventually found his way to the North Coast, completing his Bachelors degree in Fine Art at Humboldt State University in ’01, where he participated in the Honors Painting Program.

Over the years, Andrew’s interests have traveled from Abstraction to Plein Air, from Expressionism to Painting from the model, and now swinging back around to a hybrid approach that involves observation from life and experimental paint application.

Andrew is the head of the Eureka Figurative Art Group, a member of the Redwood Art Association, and a regular attendee of the local “Sunday Paintout”  and the yearly “Plein Air at the Lost Coast”.


Paul is a largely self-taught artist and paints in an atmospheric, mostly wet into wet watercolor style.

For him, the practice of art is an open-ended journey of exploration—to be shared and savored—unfolding daily with the droplets of paint, changing tides, and clearing skies. 

Paul paints most every day: on the precipice, in the fog, wind, cold, with humor, frustration, and determination. He is a member of the Humboldt Open Air Watercolor Painters with Jim McVicker, Steve Porter, and Jody Bryan and show annually with this group.  Paul concluded a one man show on January 17th of this year at the Morris Graves Museum and hosts a Sunday Paintout every Sunday open to all at various locations in Humboldt County.

Learn more about his upcoming class here.

Air Watercolor Painter Int/Adv Plein Air with Watercolor Instructor

Air Watercolor Painter
Int/Adv Plein Air with Watercolor Instructor


Contemporary Realist Painter Instructor/Lecturer

Contemporary Realist Painter

At the age of 21, upon seeing nineteenth century French landscape paintings, I had an awakening to art. The beauty and sensitivity I saw in those works changed my perception of the world. I started studying art history, painted copies of French impreSsionist landscapes and enrolled in life drawing and painting classes at Chaffey Community College.

In 1975 I decided to become a full-time painter. I was 24 years old. I moved from Ontario California, where I was raised, to the northern part of the state. After a year I settled in Eureka California. I was drawn there by the beauty, the art community, and the chance to live a quieter more rural life.I met and worked with several very accomplished artists, painting landscapes everyday on location, or painting in the studio always working directly from the still-life set up or models. I learned from direct observation of nature, by looking at and studying great art from the past and working alongside artists more developed than myself.

In 1984 I met my wife and fellow artist, Terry. We live a wonderful quiet life in Loleta, California. It's a small rural town just south of Eureka. We have studios on our property and I continue to paint daily, following my passion for painting from life, trying to capture the light, atmosphere, space, and the mysterious beauty all around us.